The workshops for the Tell me a story/Raconte-moi une histoire project will be coming to an end on November 27.

The objective of the project has been to promote the importance of linguistic duality within the English and French-speaking communities in the Greater Quebec City region.

This was achieved by offering twelve, bi-monthly (two times per month) two hour language exchange workshops that brought the English and French-speaking communities together, with the task of creating a series of bilingual stories for children.

The stories have been written by adult members of the public who represented five continents: Africa, Asia, Australia/Oceania, Europe and North America and derived from Algeria, Belgium, Bolivia, Canada, Costa Rica, France, Indonesia, Iran, Madagascar, Mali, Morocco, New Zealand, Québec, South Africa and the U.S.A.

Many of the participants were already multi-lingual with professional backgrounds teachers, doctors, students, analysts, writers, designers and world travellers. One of the direct results of the workshops is that several participants have become volunteers and employees at Jeffery Hale partners, others have found employment in their area of expertise while others are improving their French at second-language institutions. This is proof that their confidence and capacity to live and work in both languages in Quebec City has improved. Their presence alone is an invaluable resource to our City. So too, we hope, the Tell me a story/Raconte-moi une histoire book will be to children, their families and educators.

The stories are in the process of being illustrated by students at Quebec High School under the guidance and leadership of Melinda Clifford, before being assembled to make a book. There will be 1000 copies printed which will be distributed to children and families in both the English and French-speaking communities.

Special thanks to our volunteer language monitors- George Kotiuga, Ide Pelletier, Geneviève Fily-Paré and Alexandra Hartley whose presence at the workshops has been both invaluable.

If you would like to participate in the last workshop, please register your interest with Juanita Craig at: or at: (418) 683 2366 ext 222.

Otherwise keep your eyes peeled for information in the New Year about the official launch of the Tell me a story/Raconte-moi une histoire book.

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