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  • New to the region or looking to explore the English-speaking community? Volunteering can help you establish a social network and make new friends.
  • Looking to earn valuable community involvement credits as a student? Some volunteer opportunities are tailor-made for just that!
  • Looking for work? Volunteering can help steer you towards a new career and/or provide a valuable job reference.
  • Retired and looking for a hobby? Volunteering may open doors to new interests and friendships.


Volunteer Bank

To see how you can get involved in the local English-speaking community, view the opportunities below!

Our volunteer posts showcase any volunteer opportunities arising with our community groups, organizations and partners. For more information, we recommend that you contact the community groups, institutions or organizations that you are interested in volunteering with, in order to inquire about their needs.

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Volunteer opportunities at the Wellness Centre

Catch a glimpse of giving back through community volunteering below.

Due to a unique and long-standing partnership with the Jeffery Hale Community Partners who manage the Wellness Centre at Jeffery Hale, VEQ is able to offer a variety of ways to get involved in the well-being and vitality of our English-speaking community. This collaboration enables a range of volunteer programs that assist with the wellness of our members, entirely in English. The Wellness Centre at Jeffery Hale can provide you with regular, frequent or one-time opportunities such as lending a hand at Chit Chat Club, Community Events, Community Christmas Hamper Campaign, Income Tax, Take-a-Break Drop In.