VEQ is happy and proud to present the electronic exhibit for our project Hundreds of Years of Contribution.

To view the electronic exhibit, click here. 

The project was intended to promote the cultural heritage and history of our linguistic minority, while strengthening the sense of belonging among youth in Quebec City. This was accomplished through the production of an educational calendar showcasing places and events significant to the local English-speaking community.

Youth from Quebec City’s English-speaking high schools were invited to submit a painting and description of a place or activity that specifically highlighted the contribution of our linguistic community to the development and history of our region. Youth ranging from secondary one through five from Quebec High School responded to our request and produced over 100 paintings.

Eighteen paintings were selected to appear in the calendar by a selection committee composed of community members. The rest of the paintings are showcased in this electronic exhibit.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Daniel Potter 418-683-2366 ext.222 or by email at

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