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Participants ages 16 and up are invited to ‘’talk with their body’’ during a theatre workshop focused on movement and expression, taking place on Saturday, March 17.

There are many ways to express emotions and feelings, and body language is one of them. It is this particular facet that participants will explore during this workshop on movement. Led by choreographer and dancer Jean-François Duke, the activity will allow participants to unlock the instinctive language of gesture and motion.

The workshop will start with a little warm-up, followed by various exercises on movement and posture. Participants will also have the chance to practice these skills through some on-stage sketches, allowing them to see how movement influences our acting.


Born in New-Brunswick, Jean-François moved to Quebec City after travelling across Europe and Asia. In 2009, he earned his diploma in interpretation at L’École de danse de Québec. He has performed in choreographies by Harold Rhéaume, Lina Cruz, Daniel Bélanger, Claudia Chan Tak, Lydia Wagarer, Emmanuel Jouthe, Alejandro De Leon and Alan Lake’s, as well in special projects by the Cirque du Soleil (Quebec and Andorra). He also takes part in the dancing tours in the CHSLD de la Capitale with Le papillon blanc. He also presented and performed his solo Eva…Un solo pour Jean in Vancouver in 2013 during the event Dances for a small stage.

In 2016, he was shortlisted for the Dance Artist of the Year at the Éloizes for his co-creation of St-Jean… just a few words in French.

Highly committed to contemporary dance, he is the co-founder of the research platform LE BLOC.DANSE. He is also the co-artistic director of La petite scène and of chantiers / constructions artistiques for the Carrefour International de théâtre de Québec.


17 March 2018 / 13h00


Free for members

5$ for non-members

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