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mprovisation is one-of- a-kind discipline and a very powerful tool for personal growth. During this activity, participants will learn to develop their creativity and spontaneity. This workshop will also propose different exercises to consolidate interactions within a group, as well as facilitate communication between its members. Participants will be asked to listen actively and to pay attention to theirs partners' subtle signals. This workshop is also an excellent way to learn how to better live in the moment, and provides a good cerebral work out. Improvisation is about putting ourselves in extraordinary situations… as is sometimes the case in real life!


Louis-Oliver was born in Temiscouata, a small region in the Bas-Saint- Laurent located in Eastern Quebec.. Now a resident of Quebec City, he has been an improvisation performer for the past 20 years and even made it his career. Since founding his own company, Le Club d’impro, he has produced over 100 shows every year, and runs a renowned improvisation school. He is well-known for his brilliant performances at the Ligue d’improvisation de Québec (LIQ), the Ligue d’improvisation montréalaise (LIM) and the Punch Club. Over the last few years, he has gained recognition in France, Chicago, Belgium, Sweden and Denmark for his on-stage performances.


17 February 2018 / 13h00


Free for members

5$ for non-members

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