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Also, check out these quick tip tutorials from YES Montreal on putting together a great resume, preparing for an interview or building your network!

These short clips will help you put your best foot forward, build your network of connections and make your next job interview work for you!
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Do’s and Don’ts of Job Hunting Visit the Job bank


  • Network by asking your friends, family, community members and guidance counsellors if they know of anyone hiring in your field. This has a 33% success rate.  Sign up for the VEQ job notifier in the job bank! Never miss a posting or a deadline again.
  • Knock on doors of employers, organizations and businesses you would like to work for whether they are hiring or not. (47% success rate)
  • Look in the Yellow Pages to identify organizations and companies that interest you and then call the employers to find out whether they are hiring for a position that would interest you. This has a 69% success rate.
  • Know Yourself! Know your skills and the fields in which you want to use these skills. Talk with people who work in areas or with companies where you would like to work. Find out how they got their job and how they like it.
  • Be Proactive and Creative in your job search. Search the internet and local networks, research and visit organizations and companies; find the person who does the hiring and discuss your interest in the company. Ask questions and make yourself known!


  • Randomly hand out resumes to employers. Make sure your resume is tailored to the job your are applying for. Randomly handing out resumes has a 7% success rate
  • Answer ads in other parts of the country. This method has a 10% success rate.
  • Search only online: Confining your job search to online sites such as Monster or Jobboom limits your chances of finding employment and has a 4% success rate. Use the tips listed above to diversify your job search.


Contact the FORT program at the Valcartier Family Centre to:

  • Meet with a guidance counsellor
  • Discuss your employment and vocational goals
  • Access to up-to-date information on the job market and employment opportunities
  • Write a resumé and cover letter
  • Bilingual Services Available

Valcartier Family Centre 1039 Wolfe Avenue. Sainte-Foy G1V 3J9

Assess your resume To assess your resume answer yes or no to the following questions. Is your resume :

  1.  easy to read?
  2. well-spaced?
  3. efficient and clear?
  4.  brief?
  5.  positive?
  6. convincing?
  7. honest?
  8. precise?
  9. without errors or mistakes?
  10.  creative?
  11.  adapted to the position?
  12.  unique?
  13.  reflect yourself?

Do you like your resume? If you answered NO to any of the questions above contact the FORT program at the Valcartier Family Centre to help update your resume.

Resume do’s & don’t

Here are some tips when writing a resumé.


  • Keep resumé brief, simple and to the point
  • Highlight your skills, competencies, acquired knowledge and potential
  • Make direct links between your skills and training and those needed for the position
  • Use headings to organize yourself
  • Possibilities include: Personal Information(name, address, phone number email), Education; Work Experience, Volunteer Experience, Hobbies
  • Should include where and when you acquired your diplomas and degrees, the positions you have held and other activities
  • Leave sufficient space between lines and margins
  • If using more than one page, do not cut paragraphs in two and try not to cut a section, if possible
  • Mention only pertinent information
  • Explore different types of resumes: chronological, functional, combined and mixed. Find that one that best suits you!
  • Print on white paper and use a quality printer
  • Write your resumé with care
  • Read and reread.
  • Make sure you like your resumé, that it reflects you and it’s something you’re proud of!


  • Exceed 2 pages. Keep your resumé between 1-2 pages stapled
  • Never sign or date your resumé (This is done on the cover letter)
  • Do not attach a photo or a plastic cover page
  • Do not fold or use coloured paper
  • Do not attached letters of reference with your resumé
  • Do not include personal information such as social insurance number, birthdate or age, birthplace, sex, health or marital status
  • Do not attach transcripts of courses and marks
  • Avoid simply enumerating past positions
  • Avoid long descriptions of positions held or tasks accomplished
  • Do not mention past or desired salary
  • Do not indicate reasons why you left past positions
  • No spelling or grammar mistakes
  • As much as possible, avoid abbreviations