Per Posting Rate /
Tarifs d’affichage

  • Full-time* positions are $89/job posting/month.
    To renew the same full-time job posting for another month $39.
  • Part-time** positions are $39/job posting/month.
    To renew the same full-time job posting another month $29.

* Full-time positions are 35+ hrs per week.
*Les postes à temps plein comprennent 35 h et plus par semaine.

** Part-time positions are less than 35 per week.
** Les postes à temps partiels comprennent moins de 35 h par semaine.

Corporate Profile Rates

$495 per year. Unlimited postings for one year.
Dedicated e-real estate on our website.

Live link to your company’s website.  (landing page your choice)

**An invoice will be sent to your office.  Please provide your mailing address, phone number and contact name.

Employment offers are normally posted within 48 hours.

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