I would like to invite you to take part in a research project on immigration in Quebec I am undertaking for my Ph.D. This research project is also part of a larger research project on mobilities in Francophone Canada, “Un Canadien Errant” (a description of this project will be provided to those interested in participating). I am interested in understanding the experience of immigrants in different spaces (metropoles, cities, small towns and villages) in the province, with particular attention to their language practices. I am interested in a looking at different experiences, but I am specifically looking to find interlocutors who are:

  • currently living in Quebec City
  • allophone speakers (first language being neither French or English)
  • have lived or studied in a région, particularly the Bas-Saint-Laurent


What does participating in this research project entail? I am looking for immigrant individuals open to discuss their experience and, potentially, participate in subsequent phases of my research project. In this current stage of my research in Quebec City in July and August 2017, I wish to meet up and hold a recorded (audio and/or video recording) interview of about an hour. Potentially, we could decide together on certain moments of your daily life when I could be present in order to better understand your language practices in your everyday life (a research method called participant observation). Participation in this project is voluntary and no monetary compensation are offered. If you are interested in participating, please contact me through the contact information you will find below.

Inclusion criteria:

– must be an immigrant (born outside of Canada, possess permanent residency or Canadian citizenship)

– must be over 18 years of age

– must be able to speak English OR French, sufficiently to hold a conversation


Anne Roussel

Ph.D. student, University of Toronto



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