The Doll Club: Cercle d’amateurs de poupées de Québec, being an extension of Les amis de poupées de Montréal, has been active in Québec City since 2004, the club members meet on a monthly basis to share their knowledge and to learn what they may concerning anything doll related. The Cercle d’amateurs de Poupées de Québec is registered with the international organization, The United Federation of Doll Clubs, Inc., that joins 17,000 members that share the same interests.

The members are primarily retired, very active, and each member contributes to the activities either by presenting projects, sharing their information and research on a specific doll related subject. At present the Tuesday morning meetings and workshops are conducted in French, but as this group is working at near capacity, it is time to start up an English-speaking group, on Wednesday mornings.

If this new group is viable, there will be a meet and greet in the near future to mingle with fellow doll lovers from both groups.

Dolls are much more than simple toys. They have a personality, a history and, costumed in their finest apparel, they often illustrate popular culture of certain eras and regions. They also permit doll artists to share their artistic techniques, and several are transformed into works of art.

Few people know that the doll is the second most popular collectible item in the world, postage stamps being the first. We don’t often hear about doll collecting, but almost everyone has or has had a doll in their home. Attending a doll exhibit is a great occasion to learn the provenance and the value of their doll. It is great fun to see the dolls that are hesitantly presented for identification and evaluation, having been stored away in a closet or chest for many years, they often find a new lease on life and a renewed appreciation.

The Cercle d’amateurs de poupées de Québec Doll Club presented their 5th exhibit of the facinating world of dolls on April 29 and 30, 2017, in Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures, Québec.  This 5th exhibit presented antique and contemporary dolls, doll artists, and the activities of Le Cercle d’amateurs de poupées de Québec. Visitors, young and not so young, followed the history of these delicate creations and the artists that created them. Additional visiting artists and collectors were invited to expose their antique dolls, hand-crafted modern dolls, miniatures, miniature houses, and antique Christmas decorations.

Porcelain painting, doll crafting in all its forms, fine sewing, crochet, knitting, embroidery, lace-making, millinery, shoe-making, wig-making, modeling, jewelry and accessories of all kinds   . . .dolls are excellent objects with which to teach and learn handcrafting techniques, on a small scale.

The Cercle d’amateurs de poupées de Québec is hard at work planning their next exhibit of new and interesting displays of the ever changing world of dolls.

Meetings and workshops are held in Cap-Rouge. Membership fees are $75 per year which include four editions of DOLL NEWS and membership in UFDC, the international

United Federation of Doll Clubs:

Facebook: Cercle d’amateursdepoupees:

President, Patricia Kathleen (Wyatt) Poulin

Cercle d’amateurs de poupées de Québec, and Les amis de poupées de Montréal

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