Have you ever asked yourself any of the following questions or questions of a similar type?

  • Who am I?
  • Who are we as human beings?
  • What are our primary responsibilities in this world
  • Am I happy enough?, or how can I obtain/find ultimate happiness
  • What is the best way to live the life?

And the list can go on to many other questions. There probably exist a lot of different answers to each of such questions. In order to find an answer to their fundamental questions, one may look into them from various perspectives such as psychological, philosophical, spiritual, religious, etc.

My name is Reza Alavi, and I am a PhD student in biomedical engineering at Laval University. Before moving to Quebec, I had been living in New Brunswick for more than five years. Although my academic background is engineering, I have been interested in human sciences for many years.

I am trying to gather people who share similar reading interests to meet regularly as a group. I would like to invite people who are interested in reading about concepts such as happiness, human being, life, spirituality, morality, etc. to create a study-discussion based group (or a book-club) in order to increase our knowledge and to benefit from the company of one another. Please note that this reading club is 11 comment awaiting moderationNOT meant to be a group of experts focusing on academic text books (For example, we could read great works of novelists and poets from around the world such as Dostoevsky and Khalil Gibran), and all people with all types of expertise and backgrounds are welcome to join the club.

So, if you think you would probably like to be a member of such a club, please send me an email to the following address, and I will get back to you with information about our pre-Book club meeting. Here is my email address to contact me: reza.alavi.1@ulaval.ca    or visit our page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/The-Lovers-of-Humanities-Book-Club-1766653510253520/

Best Regards,


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