As an active, non-profit organization that currently has over 2400 members, VEQ has played a vital part in the preservation and development of community life for the English-speaking community for over three decades. Currently, VEQ has active partnerships with over 60 community organizations, institutions, and groups in the area.

Furthermore, VEQ helps individuals participate in community life in the Quebec City region, in both French and English. We welcome newcomers, sponsor community celebrations, research needs, inform citizens, and provide a framework for effective action on behalf of English-speaking people and institutions.

Mission Statement

The Voice of English-speaking Québec is an autonomous, non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of a dynamic English-speaking community in the Greater Québec and Chaudière-Appalaches regions and to the promotion of its interests.


The following four roles characterize VEQ’s goals and all its actions:

1. Act as a hub of information for the English-speaking Community. VEQ offers information and referral services to members of the community and newcomers. One important information service is the VEQ Job Bank that assists Anglophones and bilingual Francophones looking for employment in the Québec City region. VEQ also provides information referral through fostering a partnership with the Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph, Quebec City’s only English language newspaper, and of course through distributing the Community Connection, our English language community directory.

2. Foster community cohesiveness. We create opportunities for social interaction and professional networking. We host various events throughout the year and provide different environments for people to mix and mingle. If you would like to receive this and other useful information by e-mail please sign up to our mailing list below.

3. Support the development of the community. VEQ acts as a catalyst developing new initiatives that will benefit the community. Generally, this involves obtaining funding for and managing short-term projects. These projects are generally expected to become self-sustaining. In addition, VEQ also helps other organizations to get off the ground.

4. Promote the interests of the community – Advocacy. VEQ identifies issues of interest to the community, researching and preparing positions and, if appropriate, presenting these positions to the proper forums or authorities. VEQ views their advocacy role within the community as critical to ensuring the preservation of English-speaking institutions, traditions and cultural significance in the region.