Close-Knit: Seniors Building a Community One Stitch at a Time

The goal of this new  project is to empower seniors from our linguistic minority community, by providing them with an opportunity to contribute in a meaningful way and allowing them to teach their skills and pass them onto young and old alike. Through workshops and activities that will be carried out throughout the Quebec City area, seniors will teach the art of knitting to participants of all ages. The activities will focus on the knitting squares which will be assembled to create various items such as, baby blankets and scarves.

For more information, please contact us at (418) 683-2366 ext. 224 or at

Connect With Your City: Your Guide to Community History, Discovery and Exploration

The objective of this new project is to invite people to discover and explore our community, promote the cultural heritage and history of the linguistic minority community of Quebec City and to strengthen the sense of belonging to it among community members of all ages, native or new to Quebec City. This will be achieved through the production of a guide, outlining our local history, diversity and community heritage as well as showcasing locations, institutions and places of significance, past and present. Generously funded by Canadian Heritage.

Please send your submissions to:

or to: Juanita Craig at (418) 683-2366 ext 222 or


Tell me a Story / Raconte moi une histoire

This new project aims to promote bilingualism and foster the establishment of stronger links between the two linguistic communities in the Quebec City region. We will achieve this through bi-monthly (two times per month) language exchange workshops that will bring the English and French-speaking communities of the Quebec City region together, with the task of creating a series of bilingual stories for children. Ultimately, our goal is for participants to feel more confident in their capacity to live, volunteer and work in both languages. Generously funded through the Promotion of Linguistic Duality, Enhancement of Official Languages Program of the Department of Canadian Heritage. Stay tuned for workshop dates

For more information, contact Juanita Craig at (418) 683-2366 ext 222